Sunday, September 25, 2011


In one of my classes’ last week we were asked to define the word respect. I know what the word means, we all do, but have you ever tried to write down a definition for it? Respect is a very difficult word to define. In my opinion there are many different definitions of the word respect. I sense that your definition of respect has a lot to do with where you’ve come from, what you have experienced, how you have been treated and the way in which you treat others.

My definition when I use the word respect is:

Respect is a characteristic of consideration, positive attitude and thoughtfulness for another person.

The importance of respect comes out in a physical education class because students need to learn to respect the teacher, respect each other, respect themselves and all of the equipment used in class. I know that respect is always the first rule that I put up on my rules poster when I am teaching. But have you ever really thought about what respect truly means to you?

You may be wondering how this has anything to do with physical education, let me tell you where I think that it fits in. We as physical education teachers are expected to teach all three of the learning domains, cognitive, psychomotor and affective. The affective domain is where respect fits in the best.

Being a teacher in general there has to be a mutual respect between you and your students, and the students also need to respect one another. You have these children in your class and the more comfortable a student is in a class then the better they will learn. If you know that you teacher respects you and your opinion, then you know that any question you ask will not be laughed at and taken seriously and you feel comfortable and are more relaxed and more motivated to learn.

Respect can be developed in many different ways. First and foremost respect needs to be given to others before you can receive respect. It goes along with the golden rule, which is “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” The same thing goes for respect. In a classroom setting, the students need to show the teacher respect, and in return the teacher needs to respect their students. With high standards, high goal setting, and rules that are always followed, (no excuses) then respect will be shown with in the class setting.

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