Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making everyone feel included in PE

Making everyone feel included in PE

I went to this session at the Mini Conference and had some mixed feelings about this presentation. Lauren had an incredible idea and a great way of presenting her ideas on how to make everyone feel included in physical education, she kept everyone who was attending her presentation involved, and I really enjoyed it.

Here is a little background on the presentation for everyone who is reading this that did not attend this session at the mini conference. There were cards set up around the gym and you had to walk around and find the card that you could relate to most too. All of the cards had to do with different things that people may have had to go though in their lives. For example, some of the cards were related to losing a loved one, going through a disease, being the first in your family to go to college, and many more. We all chose out card and then sat in a circle and talked about the card they we chose and why we chose it. The point of this exercise I believe was to bring everyone closer because we know knew more about this person and where they were coming from. Furthermore, we all had a better understanding of one another, after hearing each other stories.

With all of that said, like I mentioned before I did have mixed feelings about using this program in a school setting, especially in a high school. On one hand I think that this program could go exactly the way that Lauren would have wanted it to go, where all the students feel more included in not only their PE class but also in the school community as a whole. My fear is the other hand. What I mean by that is the other outcome that I believe this program could have. Sometime, not all the time, children are mean. Bullying is a big issue is schools these days and I would be afraid that with children sharing such personal issues that is could just be giving other students ammo to use against that student.

I do not want to knock this program at all I feel that it could really have some great benefits, I just wanted to mention some of my fears with using this program in a high school setting.

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