Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No More Naked Gyms!

No More Naked Gyms!

The school that I am doing my 355 observation hours could quite possibly have the most undecorated sad gym I have even seen in my life. There are no interesting posters for the students to look at, no fun and interesting facts up on the wall, no motivational words to inspire the students. There is no more than the name of the school painted on the gym floor and one of the walls in the gym. I know that physical education should be all about the decorations, but there should be something there that is inviting to the students. Whether is be words to motivate the children, posters of other children being successful in different games and activities, there should be some decorations on the wall that invite students into the gym and get them excited about physical education and physical activity.

Here are some ideas:

-Physical Education students of the week.

-Cues posters for various skills.

-Rewards system for your classes. Sticker charts, graphs on student improvement. Not only will it decorate your gym but it will also keep your students motivated to do their best and to be on their best behavior so they are rewarded at the end of each class!

-Flyers for outside opportunities for students to participate in physical activity.

-Make a bulletin board!

-A lot of companies will give grants for schools that hang things up in their gym so look for those; we could all use the extra money for more equipment for our students.

None of these ideas will cost much, many of them can be made with some poster board and you can always have the students take part in decorating the gym, this will help you out and make them feel more of a part of the physical education community. Plus the students will be more motivated in your gym because they see what they made hanging on the wall.

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