Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Amanda Baggs Movie Reflection

In My Language by Amanda Baggs


I found this video very interesting. It was so interesting to me because it was through someone else’s point of view that I had never thought to consider until I saw this video, In My Language. Amanda brings up many good points. Why is it that since she is not part of what we consider the “norm”, that she is seen as having a disability?

Furthermore I had never considered her interactions with her environment a form of communication/language, until Amanda Baggs had opened my eyes to this. Just because she doesn’t speak what we consider the standard language, means she has a disability. But those of us who do speak the standard language and do not speak Amanda’s language are not seen as having a disability. I found this quite intriguing, and what she is saying makes sense to me, just because she is different from the norm she is seen as having a disability. Just because she doesn't always communicate with conventional spoken word, she is written off, discarded and thought of as mentally retarded. In my opinion this is not always fair, because clearly Amanda knows she has autism and is still able to speak out and stand up for herself and others that are in the same boat as she is.

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