Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tactical Questions & Answers

1. What concepts/tactical problems can be used to design a game framework for an invasion sport? (See tables 2.1, 2.2)

-The concept and tactical problems that can be used to design game framework for an invasion sport are game form, what is represents and use exaggeration. The second is the use of tactical awareness, and the third is the student’s skill execution.

2. How can you teach tactical awareness? Why is questioning important as you teach in this manner?

-Tactical awareness can be taught in many ways. Tactical awareness is the student knowing what to do in a game situation. This can be taught by using game like drills that emphasize what the students should be doing at that moment in the game. Furthermore you need to use meaningful questions in your class to help the students know what they should be doing. This is important way of teaching because it helps emphasize and outline exactly what is expected from the student.

3. Looking at format for a tactical lesson on p. 17 explain how you will adapt this to fit the Cortland lesson plan model.

-I have yet to learn how to fill out or use lesson plans in my 255 class that I am in, but from the little bit that I know this lesson needs to be planned out much better and in much more detail.

4. Explain the transference of understanding from field hockey to soccer?

-Dribbling on offense and defense, shooting, supporting teammates, pressuring the ball transfers between these 2 sports, as well as tournament style play. Soccer and field hockey have very similar tactical concepts while playing and once one is taught all of these concepts will transfer over to the other sport, no matter which one you start with first.

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