Monday, December 5, 2011


This post goes along with my teaching reflections, here is a discussion about all of the assessment that I gave during the two lessons that I taught.

Assessment Discussion

Cognitive Assessment

The Cognitive assessment was given to the students on the last day of their soccer unit. This assessment consisted on 10 questions and one bonus question. The first seven questions were true false questions and the last three were fill in the blank questions. This quiz was give to allow students to show use what they have learned in their soccer unit.

We believe that our quiz was valid, because we had a main focus on the cues for three of the main skills that were taught in the unit followed by true false questions on the rules of soccer, which were clearly stated to the students throughout the unit. What also made this test valid was that we had different types of questions, not just ones format of questions throughout the entire quiz. This test was made practical because it did not take the students very long to take. The results from the cognitive assessment show that the class was successful in gaining what we taught them about kicking in soccer and soccer in general.

Affective Assessment

The affective assessment asked the students how well they believe they participated and cooperated with their teammates. This was on a scale from 1-4, with a one standing for strongly agree and a 4 standing for strongly disagree. This assessment then asked the students to state a reason to support their answer. They all stated that they believed that they did well because they passed the ball to their teammates, and did well in the big group game.

Furthermore the results from this assessment show that the students really enjoyed the lesson that we had taught that day. This assessment is not meant to be a grade, but a reflection for the students to think about the way that they behave in class and towards others. I find the affective assessments can be more subjective rather then objective which at times can create a bias. This assessment is not reliable that is why this assessment will stand as a reflection more than an assessment.

Psychomotor Assessment

Our psychomotor assessment gave us the opportunity to see student’s improvements in their performance. A majority of the students showed wither improvement or were able to sustain the level that they began at. We believe that more students with improved of sustained because of the ample practice times, and feedback that the students received between the pre-assessment and the post assessment of kicking in soccer. As teachers we always want to be aware of the abilities of our students and what we can do to help them improve. This will give us the chance to adapt our teaching in a way that sets student sup for success.

Our psychomotor assessment was based on a four point system. 1 being the pre control of beginner lever up to four being the proficiency level also known as the expert level. Since we are only dealing with third grade students we only found one student to be proficient at kicking a soccer ball.

Our assessment was valid, because our results were very consistent from the pre-assessment to the post assessment. Our pre-assessment did not let the students know that they were being assessed. Where as in the post assessment the students were aware that they were being assessed and the results were still consistent with one another showing that not only was our test valid, but it was also reliable, unbiased and objective.

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