Wednesday, December 7, 2011


List and thoroughly describe four things a teacher should do when using the TGMD-2 to enhance the reliability and validity of the test results. Your responses will be scored 2 points for an accurate and thorough response, and 1 point for a partially accurate response

-Use the same test on all students. If you are testing a student’s overhand throw make sure you are having all of your students throw from the same distance and at the same target, so that you will get consistence results every time you test the overhand throw.

-Use the same testing environment. Distractions can play a big role for some students. Many students will not perform as well if there are distractions while they are being assessed. It will be hard to make sure students are being tested in the same environment, because gym space can be limited sometimes.

-Make sure all equipment is working properly at all times. This is especially important, for example if you are using the pacer test. You want to make sure that the beeps in the test are at the same speed every time you use it. Therefore the stereo or whatever piece of equipment you are using needs to be checked and tested to make sure that it is working properly.

-Is the test appropriate for the age level that is being tested? For example the volleyball tests we were shown in class. Passing a beach ball to oneself is more appropriate for younger students then is would be for high schoolers. Whereas passing a regulation size volleyball back and forth with a partner is better for high school students then it would be for elementary aged students.

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