Friday, December 9, 2011

Coaching Philosophy

As a Coach I set my philosophy of coaching upon four major beliefs. Together these four beliefs provide the basis of what I value, what I do and why I do it as a coach. These four main beliefs that I have are, leadership, team work, goal setting and trust.

Leadership is in my opinion very important, because the athletes need to be able to have the confidence to lead others when necessary. Furthermore the development of leadership is important because if an athlete can be a leader on the field, then they can learn to be a leader off the field. Being a good leader also creates good self discipline and high standards for themselves and for others they are working or playing with.

Teamwork is something that I value as a coach because a major part of life is working with others. If an athlete can learn to work together towards a common goal with their teammates, then not only will the team be successful but t this can transfer over to other areas of their life and help them be an active and helpful member of a team, no matter what it is they are working one.

When it comes to coaching, I highly value goal setting. Goal setting teaches athletes to set the bar high for themselves. In addition to setting the bar high creating and reaching goals lets the students see how far they have come, they see that they are improving and learning. Furthermore, with goal setting come self discipline, time management and

As a professional physical educator I believe that there are four major themes and ideas that frame what I do and what I value in the field. These themes and ideas are, effort is always noticed, building confidence and always be prepared.

What I mean when I say that effort is always noticed is that when coaching I believe that yes the best player should play but what should matter more is the effort that my athletes put in. If I have a star athlete that is lazy and doesn’t put in a lot of effort at practice, and I have another player who might not be as good but is close and busts their butt at practice and shows me that they are really trying and really want to play and get better then I am going to choose the effort showing athlete over the star athlete every time.

Building confidence, confidence is a major part of coaching. Building confidence is one of the most important things we can help our athletes with. The more confident our students are the more successful they will be. This confidence from being successful athletics can carry over to other aspects of student’s lives. The most successful people are the ones who have to confidence in themselves and what they are doing, and that is why they succeed.

As a coach not only is it our job to coach and teach our athletes to the best of our abilities, but it is also our job to prepare them for everything we can. By always being prepared I mean we should always have practices planned out, game strategy planned out, and anything else our sport might require us to think about. If we are always prepared then we can help our athletes be ready of any situation on the field. The better prepared we are the more successful we will be.

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