Monday, December 12, 2011

Bonus Assignment! Mini Conference

I understand that this is long overdue and I cannot believe that I had not already written a blog about it, but I did attend the mini conference here at SUNY Cortland on October 8th, 2011. I volunteered through the Alliance of Physical Education Majors Club to be a part of the group that helped out with hanging all the signs for the conference. I arrived at the secluded time the night before the conference to begin my duties with hanging the signs. Once all the signs were up in the correct places, everyone in my group helped out all the other groups that were not finished with what they had to do the night before the conference to be prepared for the big day.

I arrived with my housemates (who are also physical education majors) at the conference at 8am sharp. I attended as many programs that I could, some of which included the famous Spice up your Warm-up that my fellow physical education major present every year. I also attended the Australian student teaching program because I at the time was planning on applying to student teach in Australia (which I did apply and found out last Thursday December 8th that I was accepted into the program!)

I did also attended a presentation the Lauren Herman put on about making everyone feel included in physical education that I blogged about back in early October (blog posts name was “Making Everyone Feel Included in PE” posted on October 19th)

I was unable to attend the state conference due to a club volleyball tournament conflict, but I was able to see the footage that Jon and Phil in my video group had gotten and was able to actively participate in making the videos from the NYS Conference into a successful movie project!

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