Sunday, November 20, 2011

College Forces You to Grow Up


Before I entered college if you asked me if I thought I was mature I would have given you the same answer that I am about to give you, but boy was I wrong. College forced me to grow up and to grow up fast. Having lived at home with a really close knit family, I can say that I was spoiled a little bit. That changed a whole lot when I went away to college. Moving from Albany to Cortland is like moving from one planet to another, but that’s a whole other story in itself.

College forced me to grow up plain and simple. My freshman year of college I learned to do more things on my own, and then I think I had ever learned when I was living at home. Not only did college force me to grow up but playing volleyball also played a big role in my maturing. I previously mentioned that I was president of club volleyball for a year, and I am currently holding the Vice President position as of right now. I have played on this team for four years now and having the responsibility of keeping with my classes and making it to volleyball three times a week for about 3 hours each taught me how to manage my time in the most efficient way possible.

On top of holding high positions in volleyball for two years, I have also had the opportunity to be a teacher assistant for my skill acquisition class for four semesters, lab assistant for my adapted class, teacher assist in a racket activities class, and a lab assistant for my motor development class. All of these opportunities that I have experienced all gave me a lot of responsibility. I had to show up to classes early, and stay late, hold study sessions, and practice sessions, grade and give feedback on lesson plans, practice speaking in front of large groups of people, and most importantly they gave me the opportunity to teach, which I something that I really value. All in all I think that my college experience as a whole has aided in my growing up and carrying myself as a mature adult.

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