Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Set up for Success!

Have you ever thought about how you will establish an environment that will allow your students to learn successfully? If you have not put much thought into it, I have recently and these are the guidelines that I intend to follow.

A learning environment is defined as the condition created in a classroom or gymnasium by the teacher that either supports of hinders learning. What I have come to find is that there are two main components of a learning environment. The first component of the learning environment is managerial. Managerial are the structures the teacher establishes that allows the class to operate effortlessly. We can break down the managerial component into two main parts, rules and routines. Rules are defined as the general expectations for behavior that cover a wide variety of vehaviors. These rules should be posted in the gymnasium and clearly explained to the students, so that your class can operate smoothly. The second part is creating a regular everyday routine for you students to follow. A routine is defined as the procedures for accomplishing specific duties within a class. Like I previously stated, these routines should be the same every day so that your students will know what is expected of them and then you class will be much more successful. Rules and routines are most effective when they reflect a positive environment, while teaching students to be responsible for their own behaviors.

The second component to creating the learning environment is the instructional component. The instructional component is the subject matter that allows the class to learn physical education content. Creating a learning environment is one of the first steps to being a successful physical education teacher.

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