Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Children need Physical Education

There are many reasons why children need physical education. One of the main reasons that children need daily physical education is to help the children become physically active for a lifetime. This is important because people who participate in lifelong physical fitness live an overall better life. Physical activity prevents obesity, which is becoming a bigger and bigger issue among children these days. If children are physically educated, by participating in regular physical activity then they are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle which in itself will help to prevent the obesity epidemic.

Another reason that physical education is a must is that it helps promote motor skill development in children and people of all ages who participate in physical education. On top of helping with motor skill development it helps maintain physical fitness, allows students to make new friends, set goals, reduces stress levels and has tons of health benefits!

To go into more detail, here is a list of all the reasons why children need Physical Education:

-Regular, healthful physical activity
-Skill development
-Improved physical fitness-
-Reinforcement of other subjects
-Creates self-discipline
-Goal Setting
-Leadership and cooperation
-Enhances self-efficacy
-Stress reduction
-Strengthen peer relationships

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