Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Here is a new fun and exciting way to teach volleying!

Over Head Dribbling

Equipment: volleyball, beach ball, balloons, playground ball, Ominkin ball

1. After teaching a lesson on basketball you can transfer what the students have learned about basketball dribbling into volleying in volleyball.
2. Volleying in volleyball is simply an upside down dribble, over your head.


Don’t Break the Window

1. Cues: eye on the ball, hands up, make a window, look out the window and find the ball, and push it away from your window.


1. Size of the ball being used for volleying. Beach ball, balloon, Ominkin ball,
2. Rules for volleyball, more hits on each side, you can use a ball that bounces and play one bounce between hits.
3. Size of the court
4. Height of the net
5. Sit volleyball

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