Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Positive Interactions!

When it comes to children you will make it much further with them if you have positive interactions then if you were to have negative interactions. Positive practice is something all of us physical education teachers should value highly. I learned some positive practices in my EDU 355 class last week. Here are the two ways to have positive interactions with students that I found to be the most important and worth sharing:
-Always lead with a positive comment when giving feedback, it helps the student feel more comfortable around you and makes them believe that we are not always judging them. This is important because we want students to feel comfortable in class. The more comfortable students feel in a physical education setting, the more they will enjoy the lessons and the more likely they will be to practice and participate in physical activity outside of their physical education class. Also the more comfortable students are in class the more successful they will be!

-Make the good phone call home. Go the extra mile to make a phone call home to a parent of a student who is doing really well in your class. Most of the time when a parent receives a call for a teacher it is usually for a negative reason. It will brighten any parent’s day to know that you are calling to tell them how much of a joy their child is to have in your class, and to hear about how well their child is doing in your class. This will make a big difference, so take the time, and go the extra mile.

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