Sunday, November 20, 2011

Self-Manage, Punctual, and Professional

“If you’re on time your late, if you’re early you are on time.”
I have had this drilled into my head since I was real little, and I now live by this quote.

I do believe that I defiantly have the ability to self-manage, keep commitments and be punctual. I have held the same job since I was sixteen years old. I work as a children’s fitness trainer at my local YMCA, and they have told me that I have done such a good job that they allow me to come back and work over every break and vacation we have from college. I also have played club volleyball all of my four years here at SUNY Cortland. We practice three times a week for close to three hours each practice and I did not miss one practice last year when I was president and I have yet to miss a practice this year as the Vice President.

One thing most people that know me could tell you about me is, I despise being unprepared and late. There is no worse feeling in the world then either being unprepared for something or being late to something when you are expected to be there at a certain time. I believe it is extremely unprofessional to show up to anything late, whether it is work related school related of anything. Furthermore I believe that is it extremely unprofessional to be unprepared for things. If you are expected to be somewhere and to have something completed, then there is no excuse to not be there with the task completed. This is what I believe and this is what I strive for everyday. I strive for this in my teaching, by having my lesson plans filled out completely, having my equipment ready, and being prepared with modifications for every activity.

I am very proud of the way that I have learned to present myself. I am very professional when it comes to my studies, interacting with my professors and my peers both on and off the campus of SUNY Cortland. With the teaching opportunities that have fallen upon me and the people that I have had to chance to meet and interact with I have learned the correct way to carry myself and the professional way to act.

I have mentioned club volleyball over and over again but it is a huge part of my life here at Cortland. Being in charge of club volleyball also played a large role in teaching me to be a professional. I had to set up tournaments and meet with the directors of the recreational sports department here at Cortland quite frequently, therefore I learned how to be professional when in meetings, setting up meetings and planning events.

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