Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Strategies to keep children motivated in Physical Education!

We all lose motivation and one point or another in our lives, so why would this be any different for children? It is not, plain and simple. As teachers not only do we have to teach our students, but a main part of teaching, especially for physical education teachers is keeping our students motivated to learn.

Here are 20 strategies that I found help to keep students motivated in physical education:

1. Use Music and change up the type of music every once in a while.
2. Be creative with games and activities, don’t be afraid to try something new.
3. Bright colors, decorations, equipment, anything that can be bright, make is bright!
4. Use positive interactions whenever possible
5. Good positive constructive feedback to help teach your students, no one ever want to hear the phrase, “you’re doing it wrong.”
6. Keep in mind that people are not for hurting, physical education should be enjoyed.
7. Change, challenge, choice!
8. No sarcasm, children do not understand sarcasm.
9. There are no stupid questions, make sure your students always feel comfortable asking questions in class, if no one asks questions, then there will be a lack of learning.
10. Go outside and play! Changing the environment catches student’s attention.
11. See what the class in interested in, and add that into your lessons
12. Remember that Physical Education IS for EVERYONE!
13. Walk your talk, you want students to behave then you better follow your own rules.
14. No naked gyms, decorate.
15. Use your Resources. Do you have other physical education teacher that you know have great new ideas you could borrow or build off of? Why not use them?
16. Outside opportunities? Incorporate them into your lessons
17. Host a field day or some type of fun event and let the student’s get involved in playing and running the event.
18. The more students are involved in the lesson whether it be setting up equipment, cleaning up, taking attendance, however you can get them involved do it! The more involved your students are the more motivated they are going to be to participate in your class.
19. Let students help create class room rules, and consequences for when rules are not followed
20. Be enthusiastic the more enthusiastic you are the more motivated your students will be.

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